Secondary market expansion


Outer directed

Belongers because they live in that particular area, can shop within and have been shopping maybe over the weekend to get something to do, or pass by after work.

Emulators because other people go to malls feel they should also visit malls and see the various stores within the mall and maybe shop

Experimental are people that have not been to malls or if have been not frequently or do not shop at malls and thus seen as an opportunity

Achievers and Inner directed are people with plenty of money that can be spent when they go shopping over the weekends. Socially conscious

Finance to be able to purchase the various items of stock and also be able to cater for purchases and HR as well as pay rent for the store

Sales for the period the total and the sub totals as well as estimates and forecasts the mode, and the average sales for periods

Purchases that is the amount in the store, the amount ordered and the various levels where purchases can be ordered

Strategic audit

  1. Consumer orientation
  2. Profit objective through consumer satisfaction
  3. Integration of marketing function
  4. Integrated companywide effort



Right time

Right quantities

Right price


More effective strategies


Very large store like most of the malls in Nairobi would allow and these can be the case for home shopping especially over the weekend, at the end of the month and during Christmas


Factory Outlet stores like Bata that have very high numbers especially like during the neew year and other stores like


Price appeal, adaptive behavior and natural selection that can allow shoppers to be able to obtain goods with ease like in entertainment and shopping




National Bank

Chase  Bank


Bank of Africa

Credit Bank

Consolidated Bank

Equity Bank

Cooperative Bank


Standard Chartered


Sidian Bank








In Kenya where there have been a number of Tier 1 to Tier 3 banks with the Top Banks including KCB, Co-op and Equity banks.

Current environment

KCB has merged with National bank and was previously rumoured to take over Chase Bank also in a similar kind of activity. KCB is the biggest bank and has spread in the region opening branches in most of the East African Countries. KCB has a number of activities that include Lion’s den and 2jiajiri programme and also plenty of CSR.

KCB also has the KCB Mpesa account wih safaricom for mobile banking that competes with Equitel by Equity Bank interms of mobile banking. This is separate from the core banking by Safaricom on similar platforms that has mpesa, mshwari and paying of bills and other payments through the Paybill and the Lipan a mpesa.

Equity also has recently rebranded and this has been advertised mostly on billboard on most of Nairobi. Equity started out as a

Commercial Bank of Africa and NIC Bank also recently merged to form NCBA that overtook Coop Bank for Number 2.


The number of staff at the banks is not likely to be completely affected by the mergers and acquisitions as their can be restructuring of the staff. This can lead to promotions and also staff been given other areas and positions within the Organizations.

Facilities, equipment and Financial resources have expanded with these strategic mergers and acquisitions and drastically reduced the competition amongst banks. The impact can be felt now that there are fewer banks to choose from when opening an account and the strategic alignment towards even having fewer banks through similar activities.

Facilities and equipment at the branches now serve only one bank and that is the one that owns the other or partner with in a merger. The number of transactions and confidence amongst the customers are likely to increase and so is the operating efficiency of the banks now that the banks have synergized and can share knowledge apart from facilities and equipment

Financial resources at the disposal of the banks is also likely to increase as bigger banks have more capital and are likely to be more effective to the customers.

Customers are likely to be more convinced of the banks abilities and are also likely to increase from these activities.

I&M Bank also took over Giro Bank and therefore the trend in the market is to reduce the number of smaller banks and have a system where there are smaller more effective banks that serve the people of Kenya and beyond.

Products and services offered by the banks are not likely to be completely affected from mergers and acquisitions as the main aim is to improve service delivery.

Technology to be used by the banks can now be easily updated and the CRM and other systems like Transaction processing Systems where the customers of the banks need to be adapted and adjusted to the new systems. Also their will be ease in procurement as their will be fewer Suppliers and to one bigger entity.

Technical System

Project planning

How to merge or acquire the banks and what it will involve. What needs to be done to make banking in the Country more successful with a high number of bad loans 362 billion and how the changes in the industry can overcome some of the challenges that the banking industry has, by using skills and more financial resources to solve the stalemate.

Approach scope, plan

To enhance banking some of the banks have decided to come together despite the interest rates being capped to make finances more accessible to the people in the Country. Most of the citizens do not have access to capital and therefore the need to change the strategy when it comes to banking. A number of banks have merged and thereby solving the issue.

Project schedule and Requirements

It may take time to ensure that most of the functions are working especially when it comes to operations, human resources and branding for example the case of CBA and NIC bank but some like KCB and National Bank(which rebranded a while back) the identity of the two entities has not changed significantly.

Design and development therefore is an issue when the banks are coming together since the entities need to establish what will change and thereby For the new ICT systems , Integration and test, is important to be able to determine the new customers of the bank and the number of accounts that the new entity will possess in overall. Accuracy, Completeness Timeliness as well as Reliability is required for all the transactions whether at the branch level or over the smartphone.

Controls and security, for the accounts when going through the whole process and after the process to be able to ensure that the clients are protected and do not loose information or money. Effectiveness of the new systems also needs to be determined to be able to ensure that they are in working condition and can be able to serve the customers.

Reversibility, Baselining and Testing is important not to loose any data.





Logical design

Location of raw materials is important for some or most of the industries and getting them to the production facility where they can be transformed into finished goods which are then sold in the market. Some of the raw materials for the industries in Nairobi could include metal or wood for some of the production and the producers need to finance all the operations.

Markets  and Distribution is another issue and selling where the salespeople have to have good information on the product and the buyers and how it will be used and try close the sale. Target markets vary for most of the production with farmers having the biggest burden because food is consumed almost daily.

Proximity to markets and raw materials becomes another issue which needs to be considered when banks are opening new branches. Labour is another issue because the staff need to be paid and will need banking and finance structures that can be able to assist them to meet most of their financial obligations.


Physical design for Transportion for the raw materials and the finished products is such that raw materials go to the factory or into production and finished goods to the market. Facilities and equipment for transforming The raw materials need to be obtained and Financial resources to get a mode of transportation for the raw materials and the finished products.



Current environment where Technology Products and serices is required to transform parts into working and functional finished products. Suppliers provide the raw materials while  Customers buy the finished product from the producer or the manufacturer. Requirements therefore are facilities and a mode of transportation apart from the raw materials.


Project planning for marketing the products and for new products are therefore important Project purpose being to sell as many units as possible ans Approach scope, plan being to use many media and methods to get the target markets aware of the products. Projects schedule for marketing activities need to be determined and Design and development of how to pass the message of the products to the final buyer.

Costing for marketing activities need to be done Send quote reply so that the agency can continue with the implementation for the various activities. Invoices are paid by finance before a 30 day period  or depending on when finances are available can be before or after even a 60 day period it all depends on the payment terms.

Accuracy, Completeness Timeliness of the paperwork is important. The quotes should be sent in the shortest time possible and an acceptance provided and therefore Reliability of the people handling the transactions is important. Controls and security are also very important and therefore the documents can be sent as a PDF or hard copy.

GANTT and PERT are important the Project schedule and Requirements Financial resources for handling the various transactions. Suppliers need to provide a time frame when completion is expected and regular update on the process. Project purpose Approach scope, plan may vary for different types of jobs depending on the numbers. Large professional firm may be required to handle the transactions and therefore professionalism is required on either end.



Private education

Different schools

School competitions

Schools in Nairobi

National exams

Top students

Top schools

Schools outside Nairobi

Career fairs



Marking of examinations

New curriculum and the various CS for education, Matiang’I and Magoha

Current environment

Facilities and equipment for developing or starting a school or for expanding or getting to buy motor vehicles or equipment, furniture and fittings is also very important. Education has become expensive in Kenya and at the same time it is free. People start saving up for education at a very early stage especially through insurance. Another option is to take loans for school fees. Banks also provide unique services to some schools in form of a loan to students of particular education institutions.

Financial resources are important both for the school and the students. Project purpose for rge school could be to expand. Approach scope, plan for the student could be to take a loan in order to finish their education. For higher education there is the Higher Education Loans Board that provides financial capacity to the students to be able to finish their education.

Project schedule is a sum of money to be provided to the students for their period in the University upon application and on completion, and confirming with the HELB repayments can begin for the loans on a given basis. Requirements for the loan are not many and there are many successful applicants for the HELB loan.


Costing is another issue as there are penalties for late repayment of the student loan but these are waived occasionally. Accuracy, Completeness Timeliness for the loans by the students in terms of repayment is therefore important. Reliability by the portal also gives information on the loans and the repayment.











A number of foreign Supermarkets are now in the Country to name a few Choppies, Shoprite, Carrefour and Game which have opened branches in many of the malls in the Country. They battle against some of kenya’s bigger supermarkets that may include Tusky’s and Naivas which also have quite some slogans and have improved service delivery.

Tuskys have Flexpay and Mavazi that is likely to increase the number of customers to non food and cosmetic items as people can be able to pay over a period of time for the Flexpay and also for the Mavazi one can easily get to any Tuskys outlet and shop for some of the best clothes in the market at affordable prices.


There are still other smaller supermarkets like Cleanshelf in Lang’ata that has a billboard and had some offers over last Christmas to be able to increase the number of people that shop at the establishment. The are also other like Eastmatt that are located in The CBD and can therefore be able to get shoppers as they head to the office or home.

Initially in terms of supermarkets there was only Uchumi and Nakumatt managed to expand pretty rapidly and also within the region acquiring Woolmatt supermarkets and opening several malls within Nairobi to name a few Westgate, Junction, prestige, Crossroads, Galleria which gave an opportunity for the retail outlets to increase.

Secondary market expansion


Current environment

Secondary market expansion


Need driven

Outer directed

Belongers because they live in that particular area, can shop within and have been shopping maybe over the weekend to get something to do, or pass by after work.

Emulators because other people go to malls feel they should also visit malls and see the various stores within the mall and maybe shop

Experimental are people that have not been to malls or if have been not frequently or do not shop at malls and thus seen as an opportunity

Achievers and Inner directed are people with plenty of money that can be apent when they go shopping over the weekends. Socially conscious




Finance to be able to purchase the various items of stock and also be able to cater for purchases and HR as well as pay rent for the store

Sales for the period the total and the sub totals as well as estimates and forecasts the mode, and the average sales for periods

Purchases that is the amount in the store, the amount ordered and the various levels where purchases can be ordered




Operating expenses for the mall whether it is from production or purchases. Competition whether it is other retail stores within the same mall or some stores that offer similar products. An example is the food court where there are many similar businesses. Different malls also compete against each other for example hub and two rivers and the three malls in Karen.

Customers can be Need driven or Outer directed there are different types of customers and different types of needs. The customer always comes first. Businesses look to create value for the customer and deliver the best possible.

Belongers because they live in that particular area, can shop within and have been shopping maybe over the weekend to get something to do, or pass by after work.

Emulators because other people go to malls feel they should also visit malls and see the various stores within the mall and maybe shop

Experimental are people that have not been to malls or if have been not frequently or do not shop at malls and thus seen as an opportunity

Achievers and Inner directed are people with plenty of money that can be apent when they go shopping over the weekends. Socially conscious


Distributors and Suppliers provide the business with the products that it offers to the target market at a price and sometimes on credit. Creditors are paid by the business as soon as funds are available. The business therefore needs to strive to sell the product and determine who is likely to buy the product what quantity and at how much.



Economic times determine how much the customer is likely to buy for example the employment rates and the amount of inflation. Technological factors also play a role. Cultural and Social factors also play a role especially with the growth of retail stores in most of Nairobi where there are a variety of stores that fit different people.


Some of the strategies for the various stores.

Addign new products and services. This is so that the consumer can be able to get what they need within the same store. Encouraging existing use by existing customers so that the sales figures can increase is also another strategy. The people that like and use, the product and those that don’t like and use the product. Attracting non users who may not like and not use the product.

Achieving greater penetration to existing markets , Expanding to new domestic markets, Expanding to new foreign markets, the way that Nakumatt expaned within the Kenya and East Africa region, opening numerous stores something that has been replicated by Tusky’s and Naivas in Kenya and Shoprite, Game, and Choppies have opened branches in the Country.



Lne of business for example Nakumatt started the Blue Label where they would produce their own prooducts and the Nakumatt Select. Geographic diversification was shown in the growth of Nakumatt in East Africa.


Markets to compete

Measurable depending on the market size, market share and market growth rate. The markets should also be  Accessible and  Economically viable that will determine the market attractiveness of the segment. If it is Stable then the customers can be retained and also using preference strategies obtain new customers.


Type of market

Future growth potential in terms of estimates and forecasts on what the size of the market can be compared to  the Present size. Investment required for production, advertising , distribution and HR and also Strength of competition to be able to meet needs of segment and therefore the Profit potential of the store. Mature market, Stars and Opportunity markets are in this type of market classification.



Strategic audit

  1. Consumer orientation
  2. Profit objective through consumer satisfaction
  3. Integration of marketing function
  4. Integrated companywide effort



Right time whether it is at the end of the week or at the end of the month, Right quantities as it would be for the whole family or a date, or a gift, Right price whether there are discxounts or two for the price of one.  More effective strategies can be used to try and retain the customers that the business has and reward and reassure the customers.


Very large store like most of the malls in Nairobi would allow and these can be the case for home shopping especially over the weekend, at the end of the month and during Christmas


Factory Outlet stores like Bata that have very high numbers especially like during the neew year and other stores like Uniform Distributors.


Price appeal, adaptive behavior and natural selection that can allow shoppers to be able to obtain goods with ease like in entertainment and shopping

Digital Marketing

Most of your social media results will come from investing time in creating and publishing content as well as having conversations with your fans and followers. The good news is that even just a few hours a week can have significant results. In fact, HubSpot reports that 84% of marketers were able to generate increased traffic with as little as six hours of effort spent on social media per week.

  1. Social media advertising allows you to connect with the people who need your service or product

The first step is to build and audience with a message and a strategy and develop content in line with the impact that is desired in social media, have a content management system and develop content for various audiences. The social media forms an alternative to mainstream media which also has programming. One can know various audiences and how to be able to appeal to this audiences, inform and persuade.

According to a 2016 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 56 percent of online adults use a relatively diverse array of social networks,which is defined as more than one of the five social media platforms measured in the survey. Additionally, as 65 percent of U.S. adults admit to using social media, it is to your brand’s benefit to be there as well.

Apart from the adults there are also the young ones and the teens who can also be influenced in one way or another. Depending on the type of ideas and perceptions and hw they revere things content can be created that can be shared online. The teens and the adults form a better audience to try and influence online for most Organizations. The young ones are new to the smartphone and have less they do with the phone.

Simply put, the first step to making a sale is awareness, so you want to advertise in the places where everyone’s eyes are. Products exist to alleviate a person’s pain point and to improve their quality of life. Advertising allows you to remind consumers of their unmet needs; the first step, though, is finding where they are and that place is social media.

Awareness forms the bulk of things to do with the teen and the adult market as concerns sales and building brands. The imagery, judgments and feelings that they have built aver time all come into play as social media also helps make decisions from the content that is posted online on what can be purchased and what type of effect.

  1. Social Media provides varied platforms and numerous advertising formats

One of the beauties of social media advertising is that it offers something for everyone. If you want to reach middle-aged adults and older you can use Facebook. If you want to target millennials there’s Snapchat. You can even break it down to content. If your ads primarily rely on visual aesthetics, then try using Instagram or Pinterest. Whatever your goals, there is likely a social media platform to support them.

Some of the more common platforms include Facebook and Instagram where people can try and build a brand with a message. The measurement a little different from BTL’s where the number of flyers handed out can form the reach and the frequency can be number of prints, social media the followers likes and comments form the measurement.


  1. Social media platforms allow you to create specific target audiences

Advertisers and social media platforms have a sort of symbiotic relationship with one another. Advertisers need the platforms to be able to raise awareness about their product, service and company. And the majority of the platforms need advertisers to fund them. As such, social media platforms provide a multitude of services to aid advertisers in their efforts to reach users. For instance, you can target consumers as broadly or as narrowly as you like to craft the right message for the right person. Such highly customized targeting options are great reasons to advertise on social media.

Flyers can be handed out on the streets or have a brochure system where people can be able to pick flyers and brochures when they visit the promises. Chances are high that this can lead to a sale especially if they get to look at them out of the interest that they had when picking the brochures. The flyers should also be handed to people that are likely to sale or those who inquire. Another option is during activations.

Social media also targets particular audiences and the difference between offline and online is that people may open the page or the account to view what kind of products and services are being offered by the organization. Some of the posts can be sponsored and also the page can be sponsored on the newsfeed or on the right column.

  1. Social media platforms drive targeted traffic to your website or landing page

When it comes to measuring the success of your advertising campaign, click-through is one of the most important metrics. The click-through rate for all social media platforms is reportedly increasing, as shown by Facebook’s quarter over quarter rise in click-through rates from 0.18 percent in Q1 to 0.36 percent in Q4 (2013 statistics.) Ad engagement also continued to improve during the same period, as advertisers became more sophisticated and social media platforms improved targeting options and the desktop and mobile experiences.

  1. Social media marketing will get you more sales

What matters most at the end of any advertising campaign is whether or not it can turn engagement into sales for your business. You’ll be happy to know that social media is proving to be a successful sales channel for many brands. According to a 2015 Feedback Systems report, 61 percent of socially engaged organizations reported a positive impact on revenue growth. Additionally, in a 2014 survey by Aberdeen, 46 percent of social sellers reported they hit their quota as compared to 38 percent of sales reps who did not meet their expected sales.

  1. The ROI on social media ads is unbeatable

For the most part, it’s more cost effective to advertise on social media platforms over other digital sites. The average cost per click on Google Adwords is $2.32 across all industries, but for a targeted boost post on Facebook or Pinterest, you can pay as little as $0.12 per click. Social media makes earning traffic quick, easy and affordable.

This has not been exploited yet especially in terms of media buying which can also be the case for things like CSR and participating in various activities and integrating all of this also to have the desired effect not to forget the various days that are commemorated in the Country and around the World which can form part of the monthly planner. Activities can be planned based on all this information.

Finding the capital to make the investment would be a little difficult but if a quote can be made and the payments made within the required period then the Organization can be able to build the brands in a more effective and efficient manner. Calculating the effectiveness is important in pitching and making the client come to a decision.

This can also be able to build on SEO rankings as the organization can also be able to feature on various searches with a given region based on the kind of activities. The prominence is likely to increase if it participates in more than one activity which is like to be included in the annual objectives for the Organization.

  1. Advertising on social media offers insights into your customers

Perhaps the most awesome thing about advertising on social media is that you can gain real insight into how your ads are performing and how they resonate with your target audience. No more projections or having to conduct surveys as services like Facebook Analytics provide you with stacks of data to help you understand how your ads are performing with consumers. Even beyond those analytic features, you can see how well an ad is socially performing by looking at the number of likes, shares, or comments on your ads.


As shown below in a cross-channel analysis, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on social media can be as low as $2.50. This is 3x less expensive than advertising through traditional media. This can be able to form a unique selling proposition when making the pitch.

Even if you decide to make social media advertising a significant part of your social media strategy, you will still find that social media marketing is cost effective. Depending on your goals and the scope of your campaign, it is relatively inexpensive to run paid ads on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. No matter how small your budget is, you are still able to make an impact on these channels to reach and convert new leads.

  1. Social media marketing may help improve your search engine rankings.


There’s a good chance that you’re already focused on improving your search engine optimization. But did you know that search engines may be using your social media presence as a factor in their rankings? Successful brands tend to have a healthy social media presence, so a strong social media presence may act as a signal to search engines that your brand is valuable, credible, and trustworthy. Though the ranking factors are always changing, it’s a safe bet that active social media channels will end up helping you in the end.

Search engines pay attention to your social media behavior, especially links to social content and social signals like likes and shares.

Not only could your social media presence impact your search engine rankings, but it’s important to note that your social media profiles will most likely show up on the first page of Google when consumers are looking for your brand. If the consumer clicks on your social profiles and finds that they are outdated or unengaging, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to not only consistently publish compelling content on your social media channels, but also check your profile information periodically and make changes and updates as needed.

  1. Your competition is on social media.

No matter what industry you are in or who your target market is, there is a good chance that your competitors are already present and involved on social media channels. This not only suggests that there is opportunity for your brand to do well on these channels, but it means that some of your potential customers may already be talking with the competition as we speak.

If you want to remain competitive in the digital marketplace, it’s vital that you start working toward building a presence on social media. Social media content allows you to not only show a little bit of your brand personality, but it also presents an effective outlet for demonstrating your industry expertise and knowledge. This is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition and bring in more relevant online traffic.

  1. Marketing on social media leads to higher conversion rates.

According to HubSpot, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing tactics. That could be because every post you make and each interaction you have on your social media channels is an opportunity to convert an interested lead into a happy customer. By building a report with your leads and customers and posting valuable content on a consistent basis, your brand can work to improve trust and credibility, which leads to more conversions.


Numerous SPorting Events

With celebrities vouching for or promoting their products, brands can increase awareness, trust and familiarity, which are important variables in the purchase decision-making process. Consumers feel more sympathetic towards a brand, if their products are promoted by a celebrity they admire or relate to and with the number of sporting events that have taken place over the last few months the likelihood of celebrity advertising has highly increased around the World building brands in the global marketplace.

Much “matchup hypothesis” research has focused on physical attractiveness. Study One examined physical attractiveness as a matchup factor and its impact on brand attitude, purchase intent and key brand beliefs. In a 2 X 2 experiment, endorser attractiveness and product type are manipulated. They build the brand mostly due to body image and sex reference.

These are the highest paying celebrity endorsement deals of all time.

  • George Clooney – Nespresso, Estimated $62 Million. …
  • Beyonce – Pepsi, Estimated $50 Million. …
  • Taylor Swift – Coca Cola, Estimated $26 Million. …
  • 50 Cent – Vitamin Water, Estimated $100 Million. …
  • Charlize Theron – Dior, Estimated $65 Million.


With a lot of sporting activities over the last couple of months the likelihood of celebrity endorsements have highly risen and the endorsements by various brands is also likely to be factor to consider. Celebrities feature highly in the minds of consumers and therefore considred for marketing activities.

With the EPL, Champions League, NBA, AFCON, FIFA Women’s World Cup most of these celebrities have featured in newspapers and magazines, television and online and therefore the brand can use them for brand building. For activities that are taking place these personalities can be placed in the ads.

The attractiveness of the celebrities improves especially after the kind of result that they get participating in various activities. Another issue to debate would be how various celebrities rank when it comes to endorsements. A number of celebrities have then got to be featured in ads not forgetting the companies that sponsor the events.


  • Betty Kyallo among celebrities contracted recently as the faces of Oppo F11 and F11 Pro phones.
  • Mercy Masika says she picks brands that are in line with her passions and those that she has successfully used before.

Catherine Kamau aka Selina has been the face of Harpic, the popular toilet bowl cleaner brand for about six years now. The continued engagement is a testament that the symbiotic relationship between the influencer and the brand has worked well for both of them.

She says relevance is a key element of a successful relationship between a brand and a celebrity; an awkward mismatch never works well for either the brand or the celebrity.

Musician Kenzo Matata has worked with several brands including Sportpesa and 1x bet. For him having a passion for the brand you represent is an important component.

He takes personal responsibility for the products he represents and goes out of the way to find out if the brand is selling. In all the campaigns he participates in, he works hard to educate and expose the public to the brand.

“Loyalty to a brand is the return ticket to an endorsement. When companies see the commitment that you put into representing them they are likely to give you another chance,” he says.


When it comes to dealing with his clients, Chef Ali always places relationship before the paycheck. He recognises that the branding world is a very small world so people talk and share experiences.


credibility or of their attractiveness or because of both of these. … and affirms the impact of celebrity endorsement on customers’ buying intention.


SGR and travel by AIR


Travel TO the Coast no need to mention has increased and it’s not cutting the buses out because the fares are the same and the is BUSPASSKE *877# . It is a competition, who will be in the Coast and for how long. The best part is tickets for both can be obtained easily via the mobile phone and there is also the Express Way coming soon thanks to the US Government so probably plenty of developments likely to come up in the area.

There are a number of hotels both in the Coast and Nairobi being both famous travel destinations and therefore Hotel and Tourism is really improving within the Country. Expansion of the JKIA, direct flights to the US and also the numerous airports all across the Country is making travel easier and access more possible.

Kenya’s relationships with a number of Countries has improved especially since the number of Summits that were held in the Country especially during Obama’s last term that made Kenya a popular destination to Visit. South Africa cause of it’s coast line and cities and Egypt could be the other popular destinations.


Low Coast Airline’s in Nairobi

Jambojet a subsidiary of the Kenya Airways that is apparently doing so much better than Flamingo did when it was introduced has managed to increase the number of passengers by air. This is mostly because of the ease of booking by going online and easily booking has also increased it’s services to include Entebbe.

Other low cost airlines are Fly 540 and Fly SAX which could harm Jambojet’s profits. They fly similar routes and have encouraged people to do business more in Kenya as a Country. The costs are high but convenience and time savings are other advantages. The two are on Ndege Road in The Karen area of Nairobi.


Goals and Objectives

Initially the aim would be to enable interaction with the branches across the Country. Travel to branches by various managers would be easy to be able to have face to face interactions and be able to chart a way forward especially after financial statements analysis and other agenda would include introduction of new products.

It is also a way to get first hand information of how the branch is performing, and interactions with the staff. This would serve as an eye opener. Management would therefore be able to get all the necessary information that cannot be obtained from documents. Various departments have different goals and objectives to enhance the Organization.

The travel can be organized such that when performance is incredible they can be recognized, and also when issues arise. There needs to be someone on the scene to be able to encourage and enlighten the staff on what is going on and how to be able to go about crisis and also challenge the staff on the progress of the Organization.

It can be part of a monitoring system by Government, Business, International Community to see the performance and what can be done to be able improve performance, recognize particular staff that are really performing well. It can also serve for gathering of information after analysis has been done at the Head Office. Also for acknowledging new managers and members of staff.


visible elements of a brand

color, design, and logo,

Most organizations have a brand book or a brand bible that determines the visual identity that is when people want to relate with the business they identify the logo which is like a sign that shows the business without necessarily using the name, and the colors that can be on the logo and other important branded items for the business.

The design for this items is also guided by the brand book, which when the internal roll out is decided which can be updated regularly based on the brand guide to be able to build the brand across various platforms and enable the customers to be able to relate and interact with the business by obtaining these branded items and also just become more accustomed to the Business.

The brand guide is a basis of how the business presents themselves to the public , maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives “judgments” and “feelings. On the logo and designs of the Company, ” … Credibility: Customers judge credibility using three dimensions – expertise (which includes innovation), trustworthiness, and likability

techniques to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time which will include regularly updating the branding by using different branding that the competitors can realize and other businesses not necessarily in the same industry in the fights for profits and thereby improving the business.

With the Africa Cup of Nations Kick Off during the weekend and Kenya and Tanzania in the same pool, East Africa is upbeat. Total also do a good job at promoting the event and have great branding experience for this particular event apart from there other advertisign that should be updated for each and every other event.



The rain begins to fall,

The thunder is roaring,

Lightning strikes,

The sky is full of clouds,

The weather has changed.

It is one of those days,

Not spring, not summer,

Everything outdoors,

Now has to be indoors,

Unless you want to get wet.

It is a little late,

Someone is at the gate,

No umbrella,

The clothes are dripping wet.

Early morning,

The birds are chirping,

Getting out from under the covers,

Open the curtains,

Open the windows,

Guess it is another day,

That God has made.

Make the bed,

Have a cup of tea,

And take a shower,

I guess this is a routine.

What is different,



The wind blows,

Not a slight breeze,

A lady is walking,

The skirt is like a flag,

This way, that way,

Cant help but look.

It is not certain that she is wearing underwears,

Maybe that is why I look,

So that I can see more,

Cause I can already see her thighs.

My love is for certain.

Ever since I saw you,

I can’t describe the feeling,

But my whole body,

Felt different.

You were not,

Like the other girls,

And you were not alone,

You were with,

Other girls.

A bitch wags it’s tail,

As a dog looks,

Now I understand,


When happy,

The tail goes, this way, that.

The bitch starts to bark,

At the dog,

I wonder what,

It’s saying.

Most girls,

Not all girls,

Like boys,

That flirt.

So where do I start,

The finer details,

Or would you like,


Of course,

I can comment,

On this and that,

Am just saying.




Eliud Kipchoge happens to be the man at the moment. He doesn’t seem to stop winning marathons. Every other race with enough support, definitely the winner will be… With enough support from the people of Kenya and even corporates like Safaricom, definitely Kenya will still be on the map when it comes to long distance races. Forgot the Olympics.


Kenya Rugby team

This is like the most amazing team. What everyone in Kenya is waiting to view as Kenyans take to their screens and to various locations across the Country to witness there favorite teams and players take on each other with hard tackling, side steps, sprints, and all the action, both on the pitch and outside the pitch. The fans are amazing and Safaricom also sponsors the Safaricom 7’s.

Kenya have been finalists, also won once, we don’t have to sweat them over consistency because Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand can always defeat us all we have to do is defend well and hope the try’s will come through for us. Winning at the Singapore sevens was great, Kenya had always looked to win a leg of the HSBC 7’s.

Plenty of more sponsors should come in to support sport in the Country and make it more appealing to all types of sponsors.

The Kenya Rugby have a website which has all the happenings that surround the sport. It has all the interests of the rugby officials, players and fans. If interested in following up information on rugby in the Country definitely log on and get to be part of all that rugby action> be part of the winning team.


Masaku and Prinsloo Sevens

Masaku for a period of time was very controversial being one of the first of rugby tournaments to be held outside Nairobi. People took time to learn more than just the game of rugby, like how people react to short skirts and being touched on the body. It was quite ratchet, however maybe courting this controversy might have been to some advantage,.

It was a great location to go out of town and experience rugby. But that is not all that people were doing. Prinsloo also organized relatively close to Niarobi is also an opportunity to go out of town for the weekend with the Nax Vegas and all that an after party probably at some club with a great deejay. If there is a rugby team you support why not follow them out of town.


Dala and Driftwood 7’s

Held in Mombasa in the Coastal area of Nairobi it provides an opportunity to go out of town for the weekend and there are several means to get there air, road, SGR. The unconventional means of transport to this tournament just adds to the glamour that should be expected apart from visiting numerous other sites in the Coastal area. Definitely needs more than a weekend.


Dala on the other hand in Kisumu do not know yet if the SGR is going that direction can also be accessed by road or air. If water bodies are your kind of thing then Dala and Driftwood 7’s will definitely both be great tournaments.379366_4723075129324_1018834941_n




They are a number of films of various genre in Kenya as the industry continues to grow as a source of employment to many some of whom went to film school like Lupita. Lupita we will always remember you, done Kenya proud. Another advantage is one of every four ads features a Kenyan celebrity and therefore more business.


In radio, studios and music there is also a lot that can be done to make the industry develop more now that there are many players and a lot of great content. For radio once your music starts getting radio play the interactions include the radio host but also encourage the artist to also get into the advertisement and endorsements more celebrity advertising.

Television programmes and content is also important and the romance and humor can be a way that people would love to associate with, also the suspense and humor. Most local programming revolves around the idea of what is happening to inform and educate the audience and also to keep them entertained at all times.

News, ads, movies, series, Documentaries and cartoons especially since there is DSTV, there is plenty that a person can learn, there is also communication through newspapers that gives plenty of content to people that want to learn a thing or two. Some CNN programmes could include Focus on Africa, Press Pass in Kenya, Hard Talk, Inside Story, World Sport and if in business, business news is very important.


Radio is mainly for musicians and music artists who have creative ideas and wonderful voices to pass a message to a wider audience. TV newscasts is to know what is happening around you.


Mobile phones and satelites have greatly improved the number of people that are connected and audio-visual communication such that the smart phone gives access to content on social media and other platforms that people can view and share. This has greatly improved the creativity and how media does operate in Kenya.


For live performances, theatre and concerts serve a wide audience, where plays can be acted by a number of people and there is the theatre where people can get to visit, that is also something about Lupita. There are actors, producers and directors who make all this possible creating a way that people can get entertained.


Concerts and events are a way that music artists can get to promote their work and also get to listen to the music from their various favorite artists. The music can be played by the deejays on radio and hyped by radio and social media, billboards and so on and ticket buying for several events that can also be done online.  df9m-xkxkaalixz-large

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