Numerous SPorting Events

With celebrities vouching for or promoting their products, brands can increase awareness, trust and familiarity, which are important variables in the purchase decision-making process. Consumers feel more sympathetic towards a brand, if their products are promoted by a celebrity they admire or relate to and with the number of sporting events that have taken place over the last few months the likelihood of celebrity advertising has highly increased around the World building brands in the global marketplace.

Much “matchup hypothesis” research has focused on physical attractiveness. Study One examined physical attractiveness as a matchup factor and its impact on brand attitude, purchase intent and key brand beliefs. In a 2 X 2 experiment, endorser attractiveness and product type are manipulated. They build the brand mostly due to body image and sex reference.

These are the highest paying celebrity endorsement deals of all time.

  • George Clooney – Nespresso, Estimated $62 Million. …
  • Beyonce – Pepsi, Estimated $50 Million. …
  • Taylor Swift – Coca Cola, Estimated $26 Million. …
  • 50 Cent – Vitamin Water, Estimated $100 Million. …
  • Charlize Theron – Dior, Estimated $65 Million.


With a lot of sporting activities over the last couple of months the likelihood of celebrity endorsements have highly risen and the endorsements by various brands is also likely to be factor to consider. Celebrities feature highly in the minds of consumers and therefore considred for marketing activities.

With the EPL, Champions League, NBA, AFCON, FIFA Women’s World Cup most of these celebrities have featured in newspapers and magazines, television and online and therefore the brand can use them for brand building. For activities that are taking place these personalities can be placed in the ads.

The attractiveness of the celebrities improves especially after the kind of result that they get participating in various activities. Another issue to debate would be how various celebrities rank when it comes to endorsements. A number of celebrities have then got to be featured in ads not forgetting the companies that sponsor the events.


  • Betty Kyallo among celebrities contracted recently as the faces of Oppo F11 and F11 Pro phones.
  • Mercy Masika says she picks brands that are in line with her passions and those that she has successfully used before.

Catherine Kamau aka Selina has been the face of Harpic, the popular toilet bowl cleaner brand for about six years now. The continued engagement is a testament that the symbiotic relationship between the influencer and the brand has worked well for both of them.

She says relevance is a key element of a successful relationship between a brand and a celebrity; an awkward mismatch never works well for either the brand or the celebrity.

Musician Kenzo Matata has worked with several brands including Sportpesa and 1x bet. For him having a passion for the brand you represent is an important component.

He takes personal responsibility for the products he represents and goes out of the way to find out if the brand is selling. In all the campaigns he participates in, he works hard to educate and expose the public to the brand.

“Loyalty to a brand is the return ticket to an endorsement. When companies see the commitment that you put into representing them they are likely to give you another chance,” he says.


When it comes to dealing with his clients, Chef Ali always places relationship before the paycheck. He recognises that the branding world is a very small world so people talk and share experiences.


credibility or of their attractiveness or because of both of these. … and affirms the impact of celebrity endorsement on customers’ buying intention.



SGR and travel by AIR


Travel TO the Coast no need to mention has increased and it’s not cutting the buses out because the fares are the same and the is BUSPASSKE *877# . It is a competition, who will be in the Coast and for how long. The best part is tickets for both can be obtained easily via the mobile phone and there is also the Express Way coming soon thanks to the US Government so probably plenty of developments likely to come up in the area.

There are a number of hotels both in the Coast and Nairobi being both famous travel destinations and therefore Hotel and Tourism is really improving within the Country. Expansion of the JKIA, direct flights to the US and also the numerous airports all across the Country is making travel easier and access more possible.

Kenya’s relationships with a number of Countries has improved especially since the number of Summits that were held in the Country especially during Obama’s last term that made Kenya a popular destination to Visit. South Africa cause of it’s coast line and cities and Egypt could be the other popular destinations.


Low Coast Airline’s in Nairobi

Jambojet a subsidiary of the Kenya Airways that is apparently doing so much better than Flamingo did when it was introduced has managed to increase the number of passengers by air. This is mostly because of the ease of booking by going online and easily booking has also increased it’s services to include Entebbe.

Other low cost airlines are Fly 540 and Fly SAX which could harm Jambojet’s profits. They fly similar routes and have encouraged people to do business more in Kenya as a Country. The costs are high but convenience and time savings are other advantages. The two are on Ndege Road in The Karen area of Nairobi.


Goals and Objectives

Initially the aim would be to enable interaction with the branches across the Country. Travel to branches by various managers would be easy to be able to have face to face interactions and be able to chart a way forward especially after financial statements analysis and other agenda would include introduction of new products.

It is also a way to get first hand information of how the branch is performing, and interactions with the staff. This would serve as an eye opener. Management would therefore be able to get all the necessary information that cannot be obtained from documents. Various departments have different goals and objectives to enhance the Organization.

The travel can be organized such that when performance is incredible they can be recognized, and also when issues arise. There needs to be someone on the scene to be able to encourage and enlighten the staff on what is going on and how to be able to go about crisis and also challenge the staff on the progress of the Organization.

It can be part of a monitoring system by Government, Business, International Community to see the performance and what can be done to be able improve performance, recognize particular staff that are really performing well. It can also serve for gathering of information after analysis has been done at the Head Office. Also for acknowledging new managers and members of staff.


visible elements of a brand

color, design, and logo,

Most organizations have a brand book or a brand bible that determines the visual identity that is when people want to relate with the business they identify the logo which is like a sign that shows the business without necessarily using the name, and the colors that can be on the logo and other important branded items for the business.

The design for this items is also guided by the brand book, which when the internal roll out is decided which can be updated regularly based on the brand guide to be able to build the brand across various platforms and enable the customers to be able to relate and interact with the business by obtaining these branded items and also just become more accustomed to the Business.

The brand guide is a basis of how the business presents themselves to the public , maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives “judgments” and “feelings. On the logo and designs of the Company, ” … Credibility: Customers judge credibility using three dimensions – expertise (which includes innovation), trustworthiness, and likability

techniques to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time which will include regularly updating the branding by using different branding that the competitors can realize and other businesses not necessarily in the same industry in the fights for profits and thereby improving the business.

With the Africa Cup of Nations Kick Off during the weekend and Kenya and Tanzania in the same pool, East Africa is upbeat. Total also do a good job at promoting the event and have great branding experience for this particular event apart from there other advertisign that should be updated for each and every other event.



The rain begins to fall,

The thunder is roaring,

Lightning strikes,

The sky is full of clouds,

The weather has changed.

It is one of those days,

Not spring, not summer,

Everything outdoors,

Now has to be indoors,

Unless you want to get wet.

It is a little late,

Someone is at the gate,

No umbrella,

The clothes are dripping wet.

Early morning,

The birds are chirping,

Getting out from under the covers,

Open the curtains,

Open the windows,

Guess it is another day,

That God has made.

Make the bed,

Have a cup of tea,

And take a shower,

I guess this is a routine.

What is different,



The wind blows,

Not a slight breeze,

A lady is walking,

The skirt is like a flag,

This way, that way,

Cant help but look.

It is not certain that she is wearing underwears,

Maybe that is why I look,

So that I can see more,

Cause I can already see her thighs.

My love is for certain.

Ever since I saw you,

I can’t describe the feeling,

But my whole body,

Felt different.

You were not,

Like the other girls,

And you were not alone,

You were with,

Other girls.

A bitch wags it’s tail,

As a dog looks,

Now I understand,


When happy,

The tail goes, this way, that.

The bitch starts to bark,

At the dog,

I wonder what,

It’s saying.

Most girls,

Not all girls,

Like boys,

That flirt.

So where do I start,

The finer details,

Or would you like,


Of course,

I can comment,

On this and that,

Am just saying.




Eliud Kipchoge happens to be the man at the moment. He doesn’t seem to stop winning marathons. Every other race with enough support, definitely the winner will be… With enough support from the people of Kenya and even corporates like Safaricom, definitely Kenya will still be on the map when it comes to long distance races. Forgot the Olympics.


Kenya Rugby team

This is like the most amazing team. What everyone in Kenya is waiting to view as Kenyans take to their screens and to various locations across the Country to witness there favorite teams and players take on each other with hard tackling, side steps, sprints, and all the action, both on the pitch and outside the pitch. The fans are amazing and Safaricom also sponsors the Safaricom 7’s.

Kenya have been finalists, also won once, we don’t have to sweat them over consistency because Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand can always defeat us all we have to do is defend well and hope the try’s will come through for us. Winning at the Singapore sevens was great, Kenya had always looked to win a leg of the HSBC 7’s.

Plenty of more sponsors should come in to support sport in the Country and make it more appealing to all types of sponsors.

The Kenya Rugby have a website which has all the happenings that surround the sport. It has all the interests of the rugby officials, players and fans. If interested in following up information on rugby in the Country definitely log on and get to be part of all that rugby action> be part of the winning team.


Masaku and Prinsloo Sevens

Masaku for a period of time was very controversial being one of the first of rugby tournaments to be held outside Nairobi. People took time to learn more than just the game of rugby, like how people react to short skirts and being touched on the body. It was quite ratchet, however maybe courting this controversy might have been to some advantage,.

It was a great location to go out of town and experience rugby. But that is not all that people were doing. Prinsloo also organized relatively close to Niarobi is also an opportunity to go out of town for the weekend with the Nax Vegas and all that an after party probably at some club with a great deejay. If there is a rugby team you support why not follow them out of town.


Dala and Driftwood 7’s

Held in Mombasa in the Coastal area of Nairobi it provides an opportunity to go out of town for the weekend and there are several means to get there air, road, SGR. The unconventional means of transport to this tournament just adds to the glamour that should be expected apart from visiting numerous other sites in the Coastal area. Definitely needs more than a weekend.


Dala on the other hand in Kisumu do not know yet if the SGR is going that direction can also be accessed by road or air. If water bodies are your kind of thing then Dala and Driftwood 7’s will definitely both be great tournaments.379366_4723075129324_1018834941_n




They are a number of films of various genre in Kenya as the industry continues to grow as a source of employment to many some of whom went to film school like Lupita. Lupita we will always remember you, done Kenya proud. Another advantage is one of every four ads features a Kenyan celebrity and therefore more business.


In radio, studios and music there is also a lot that can be done to make the industry develop more now that there are many players and a lot of great content. For radio once your music starts getting radio play the interactions include the radio host but also encourage the artist to also get into the advertisement and endorsements more celebrity advertising.

Television programmes and content is also important and the romance and humor can be a way that people would love to associate with, also the suspense and humor. Most local programming revolves around the idea of what is happening to inform and educate the audience and also to keep them entertained at all times.

News, ads, movies, series, Documentaries and cartoons especially since there is DSTV, there is plenty that a person can learn, there is also communication through newspapers that gives plenty of content to people that want to learn a thing or two. Some CNN programmes could include Focus on Africa, Press Pass in Kenya, Hard Talk, Inside Story, World Sport and if in business, business news is very important.


Radio is mainly for musicians and music artists who have creative ideas and wonderful voices to pass a message to a wider audience. TV newscasts is to know what is happening around you.


Mobile phones and satelites have greatly improved the number of people that are connected and audio-visual communication such that the smart phone gives access to content on social media and other platforms that people can view and share. This has greatly improved the creativity and how media does operate in Kenya.


For live performances, theatre and concerts serve a wide audience, where plays can be acted by a number of people and there is the theatre where people can get to visit, that is also something about Lupita. There are actors, producers and directors who make all this possible creating a way that people can get entertained.


Concerts and events are a way that music artists can get to promote their work and also get to listen to the music from their various favorite artists. The music can be played by the deejays on radio and hyped by radio and social media, billboards and so on and ticket buying for several events that can also be done online.  df9m-xkxkaalixz-large


405f1852c8ab7c7475d2848042b4b4e2The media acts as a tool you can be able to use particular message around. Whether it is journalism, advertising or entertainment. Many people may be receptive and go with the idea and even identify with it. The media may give you the opportunity to be one of the mega stars.


People get to listen and see what they are about and the message and relate with both. To get to understand the reason and the purpose. They get more involved. They get the message and become interested in the work. The potray the society as it is, the good, the evil and both sides when it is necessary.


It brings out the best in particular people with the impact that it has on them. To get to work in media takes a lot of hard work and determination. Knowing the right people to make it work is also important. The work should impress, be catchy , be more involving so that people can be able to relate more with the message.


Media is very interactive, on air, digitally and through the press and therefore making an impact is very important. You can have a whole audience that you intend to influence. Getting to impress is also very important. The uniqueness enables them to be able to be distinct and stand out from other people doing the same thing. They can be perceived differently and possibly liked.



Provide direction and clarify objectives

When a suitable strategy has been formulated for the clients to be able to enhance their visibility. A program to be able to assit and considerations and deliberate on ways in which to give the client the visibility.


Facilitate the client needs and invoice and get payments support and direct the client in many of the encounters that they may have and business nees. Maintain clear and open communication channels internal and external.

Coke Studio

4e32472db849e5318ea9d018ac6456e87931e17eToday’s dynamic business environment is continuously changing because globalization,
regulatory changes, increasing intensity of competition, increasingly demanding customers and new information technology. This has resulted in markets that can be characterized as increasingly turbulent and volatile.
Coca-Cola has recently had a campaign dubbed Africa lets go crazy. It had a Coke Studio Africa party and introduced also the Coke studio. This is a concept of African music and great fusion.
Coke studio is a music show that brings artists from different genres and regions together tocreate a modern or authentic sound through musical fusion.
Coke and its advertising during music shows in the evenings. Effective campaigns differed in their creative strategy, rational versus emotional appeals and the presence of a brand differentiating message. It is assumed that brand reputation affects effectiveness positively.
Therefore the study of the effect of brand equity on advertising effectiveness.
Advertising is the paid, non-personal communication through various media by organizations that are identified in the message and seek to inform, and or persuade members of a specific audience. (Kotler).
Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customersto purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Tabitha Wangari,(2014)
Marketing is about all the activities that will be undertaken to get a product or service be bought by customers. Activities range from: market research to understanding consumer needs and behaviors, product development, test marketing, market segmentation, branding, packaging, pricing, promotion and distribution.
All are reflected in advertising. Each of these activities depends on advertising as well as
advertising depending on them to succeed. Note that without advertising the products or services cannot flow to the distributors or sellers and on to the consumers or users.


Advertising is thus referred to as the ‘lifeblood’ of an organization.
The importance of celebrity endorsers however does not lay in the fact that they are used by firms who wish to increase revenue but how they add to the process through meaning transfer. McCracken (1986, 1989). When celebrities endorse a product the meaning developed around particular celebrity will – or at least it is hoped for by the advertiser transfer to a company, brand, or product. Erdogan and Baker (2000). Famous persons and entities have distinctive images that can be transferred to associated brands. (Langmeyer & Langmeyer, 1991), McCracken (1989),Simoninand Ruth (1998).



What does it take to participate in CSR and what type of influence does it have on the People. Nature and Extent of CSr activities

Some activities to improve the socio-economic and socio-cultural status of the community could include talent search, sports tournaments, fund raisers for various projects and membership drives. This egts people to get together and relate and interact. It also leads to recognition fo some of the people in community and also sponsorships by various well wishers.

Some other CSR activities to participate in could include visiting childrens’s homes, cleaning the environment, building projects and low income housing, giving clothes and food, participate in a marathon, teaching, feeding programs which can also be done with the help of sponsors or local government, medical care which this project is about, scholarships for students for example Equity Foundation, newspapers for schools by the local dailies and library books.

Because of various factors some people may not have some  rights.


Use of various CSR activities to be able to assist in improving the lives of people that may live within a particular area.


Sponsors may come in to fund CSR activities because of various reasons


Some important aspects of CSr could include relief food especioally to marginalized areas of the Country, livelihood support, increased water and food security, entrepreneurship, being treated in hospital < medical acre, and for education classroom, books and furniture by the KCB Foundation.

Strategic Intent of Sponsors

Some of the sponsors for the Mater Heart Run include Standard Group, Capital Fm, Britam, PKF, Safaricom, NIC Bank, Britam, King’s Collection, Fresha, G4S, CFC Stanbic Bank, Parapet NSSF, Pizza Inn, Coca-Cola just to name a few.


Some of the implementation can include having a particular day for the event, merchandise for the event, sponsors come in, a press release, and also publicity for the event.


Goals and Objectives

The aim is to change

Provide medical assistance


The various places where the Heart Run is to be held in Kenya and the effect in letting people know about the plight of children with a hole in the heart in 2015 were Nairobi Nyayo National Stadium, Mombasa, Mombasa Sports Club, Mumias, Booker Academy, Macahkos, Kenyatta Stadium.


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